Member dedications will be updated every Friday.

VIP Founding Member Dedications

 In memory of Robert and Sylvia Stanton – Kim Bergeron

In memory of Elena Castañeda Mateo, Trac Thị Nguyễn, Jacqueline Dang – Diana Hernandez

In memory of Celso and María Hernández, Esteban and Aracelis Fernández DeCastro – Nicolas Hernandez

In memory of my in-laws, Gay & Larry Tylock and Jerry Meador. Wishing you peace in the afterlife. – Joey Chauffe

In memory of Mary Virginia Christopher, an Army Nurse in WW2. Died of Covid at age 97 in 2020. – Eleanor Cumbow

For those handicapped people in St. Bernard who had no means to leave. – Rhonda Perez

In Memory of Tony Jordan from Roxanne Jordan Dukes

In Honor of medical staff who work tirelessly everyday from Victoria Alexis

In Memory of Linus “Spike” Jordan Sr. from Marcia Gordon

In Memory of Paul Junior Gordon Sr. from Dr. Paul Gordon

For Ronald W. Lewis, founder of House of Dance and Feathers and culture bearer – Tanya Gulliver-Garcia

Dedicated to the memory of my mother, Mariana Arboleda – Victoria Myers

Dedicated to the memory of my parents, Woodie & Gloria Myers – Mark Myers



Founding Member Dedications

Prayers for the unseen devastation of families caused by Hurricane Katrina – Bryan Landry

In honor of all the Home Instead Care Professionals who provided uninterrupted services to clients. – Cynthia Boudreaux

Thanks to all the healthcare workers at Slidell Memorial Hospital! – Jordan Hubbard